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Does anyone understand SMP?

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08Amber Fri 26-May-17 22:13:06

I thought I was quite clued up about my SMP and understood the procedure, however I've just received a payslip and it seems like I have been underpaid by my employer.

I don't want to nag at them without knowing if I'm owed money as it could just be my mistake. Can anybody shed light on how my SMP has been calculated?

lougle Fri 26-May-17 22:39:11

If you have 26 weeks of employment by the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth (in practice 25 weeks pregnant) and you earn at least £113 per week, then you should have got 90% of your average weekly earnings before tax from your reference period (which should have been the average of weeks 17-25) for the first 6 weeks, then either 90% of earnings or £140.98 (whichever is lower) per week.

Moanyoldcow Fri 26-May-17 23:18:16

What's the actual query? Why do you think you've been underpaid?

08Amber Tue 30-May-17 18:11:07

Thank you for the responses. I thought I had been underpaid, however I have since been told that as I was signed off from work earlier than my maternity leave started due to pregnancy problems, this has affected my maternity pay which I was unaware of.

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