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Erudio student loans - demand for repayment

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Becca19962014 Thu 25-May-17 21:41:19

I was a student in the early 90s. I've never earnt enough to pay back my loan. The government decided to take it from student loans company And sell it to Erudio. I'm currently struggling with benefits due to a screwup by the dwp (that's a whole different thread).

Daily for over a week end of march I had letters demanding I registered on their online portal to apply for deferment - this isn't possible for me due to lack of access to suitable IT equipment (I'm using old tech for MN which is on its last legs and can't use their portal to apply) and have no access to a library or similar due to closure and access issues in the one which is still open.

Start of April I had a letter stating I was due to repay my loan. After much struggling I managed to ring them (using a telephone is very difficult for me due to disability) and was told clearly I'd be sent a deferment application pack. Never turned up. However, more you must use our online portal TODAY letters did. I rang again, this time I was told to wait at least fourteen days before ringing again as the form, advisory notes and envelope were in the post and I was harassing them. Waited. Rang again. During this time I'd had more letters about the portal - seriously I have over thirty of these letters, that time I was accused of harassment again and told they would be taking action if I rang them again.

Finally I sent a formal complaint (I probably should have before but had been sorting other more vital money issues out).

Two weeks later I got a deferment form, dated when they got my complaint which i clearly stated was sent special delivery (they tend to 'lose' things). That was just over a week ago. However, the essential advisory notes are missing as is an address to send the form to them. The form clearly states very specific evidence is required and is listed on their website (it isn't I looked so must be part of the portal I cannot access) or in the accompanying notes (which I don't have) it states not to return the form without the required documents or deferment will be refused. I'm to allow at least six weeks for them to decide if I qualify to defer.

I've spent the last week trying to get the money together to sort out the help I need (I can't hold a pen). Today I received a letter from them, marked URGENT on the envelope and it is a "final demand" stating my deferment ended 19/06/2017 (that's the date given) and they are now referring my account for debt collection due to arrears and refusal to pay.

I've had no formal response to my complaint (aside from the form turning up). I've no access to a CAB or welfare rights (hence dwp issues). I'm already struggling with deterioating mental and physical health problems, and this has just added to the stress. I had a social worker but they're on holiday for the next month and I've no one assigned to my care in the meantime.

I don't know what to do and I'm really panicking.

I know this is long, but I hate drip feeding.

Any advice?

Mrsdarcyiwish10 Thu 25-May-17 22:04:18

If you call the cab they can help by phoning this company and dealing with them for you,mod you could try your local MP, they helped me with the pip and wrote to them when they were messing me about

Gobbolinothewitchscat Thu 25-May-17 22:15:05

It's a bit if a shame you've acknowledged this as they sound like the old style loans. If you had had no discussions with them (including arranging deferments etc) for the last 6 years (5 in scotland), then legally they could not have enforced the debt.

Dont fill kn the form abd dint speak to them for the moment. I would try and go through your papers and work out the last dates you had contact with them pre all this and then get an appointment with CAN to see if you can argue they are statute barred

Becca19962014 Thu 25-May-17 23:13:59

I applied for and was accepted for deferment last year (and every year they sent the form). There is no CAB here at all. I really struggle with using telephones and the CAB rural helpline is only for people who own a telephone which I don't and all they do is phone you to arrange an appointment for you at your 'local' CAB anyway (my local one is several hours away which isn't possible for me due to disability, is in a different county and has a waiting list of about three months).

They won't speak to anyone except me about it, unless someone can prove they have power of attorney (I think it's called that) which no one does. I contacted my MP when it was sold in the first place after Erudio took money from the direct debit details they were given by SLC which I was forced to set up when taking out the loan - this happened to a lot of people. I removed the direct debit immediately after getting the money back.

I really cannot cope with debt collection firms right now with everything else that's going on but don't have the information to do the form properly (or money to get any help).

I was wondering if it's happened to anyone else.

I'm really scared by this letter I've recieved. I've never had a final demand letter before and it's upsetting.

Becca19962014 Thu 25-May-17 23:15:16

My MP told me it had nothing to do with him, the moment it was sold it became a private loan and private matter.

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