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Childcare and tax credits

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BooseysMom Tue 23-May-17 19:09:01

Hello mums ☺
Does anyone know if it's possible to backdate a claim for childcare costs for hours we have already paid for but which I haven't actually used for work? We get 15 hrs free p/w and have paid for an extra 3 hrs p/w to give me a break as i'd never get one otherwise!! I didn't claim as i thought it would be fraudulent but have since found out i could have as we both work over 16 hrs p/w.
Any advice much appreciated.😁
Thank you.

Babyroobs Tue 23-May-17 21:07:54

You can but 3 hours per week would not be a lot to pay and depending on your income you probably wouldn't get much help with the cost being so low. probably not worth it to be honest.

BooseysMom Wed 24-May-17 11:51:06

Hi Babyroobs 😁 i like your name. I have a Roobs at home. Or Little Roo as we used to call him as a baby. Thanks for your msg. Glad you said that cos i really can't be arsed to do a backdated claim..more trouble than its worth. The main problem is finding care in the hols. I phoned TC 7 days before the Easter hols to inform them of short term childcare and then had to chase it up as they said they'd send a reward letter but never did. I don't trust the system. We got some towards it but not 70% like we thought we'd get. We're just gonna try and use annual leave as much as poss to cover hols. If you haven't got family to help it's a nitemare.

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