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Tax credit 2500 disregard ?

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JayneS5 Mon 08-May-17 22:02:08

Can someone please explain what this means?
I have a figure to tax credits as that was my husbands basic wage but he did some overtime this year and got some 'enhancements' for working unsocial hours so has earned around £2000 more than expected. Is this where the income disregard comes in? Because now I'm worried I've been overpaid for that year now.

JayneS5 Mon 08-May-17 22:02:24

Gave *

lougle Mon 08-May-17 22:05:25

Yes, they should disregard the first £2500 of any increase in income.

JayneS5 Mon 08-May-17 22:06:23

Thank you Lougle x

needachangeq Tue 09-May-17 07:04:48

It it the same if i earned £2000 less than what they had my income as or will i get an extra payment?

lougle Tue 09-May-17 11:11:27

Unfortunately, there is also a £2,500 income fall disregard now, which came in a few years ago, so the first £2,500 fall in income will be ignored and only any fall after that will result in an increase in Tax Credits.

LovelyBath77 Fri 12-May-17 16:37:42

Enquiring about this as well. DH is self employed and is around £2,500 over our estimate for last year. Just got the renewal pack to do online. So it shouldn't affect last years award, but as the new one for next year will be based on this new amount, it may be slightly less for the coming year, is that correct?

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