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user1493374287 Fri 28-Apr-17 11:28:51

I'm a single mum of 2 girls I live with my mum and dad and brother as I suffer with depression anxiety after being in a emotionally abusive relationship. I work nights normally 3 nights a week so 30 hours a week on a zero hour contract. i ve just received a letter from HMRC stating they think the earnings are too low for the 30 hours im supposed to work. which they probably are as my work cancel shifts as I'm casual and my daughter's have been poorly etc I know now that I'm supposed to inform tax credits if my hours go below 16 in the week but due to my own stupid fault I never even realised now I'm worried sick as they may think my claim was dishonest from the start I've been asked to send my p60 and contact which states it's just a zero hour I'm worried I may be prosecuted any advice please

m0therofdragons Fri 28-Apr-17 12:39:46

If you look at your time sheets from the year do they average out to over 16 hours a week? If not then they will want some paid back and will work out a way to do that rather than expect it in one go.

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