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Help! I hate my new glasses! Can I take them back?

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BakedBeeeen Thu 27-Apr-17 21:01:25

I have a high prescription (nearly -7 in each eye). I am short sighted, so my lenses are concave and therefore a lot thicker at the edges. I had decided to pay £179 extra for the thinner lenses in my new glasses from Boots Opticians. (£279 total, including frames) Unfortunately they are still too thick, because the frame size was bigger than my previous glasses. I really should have chosen a smaller frame size - The sales advisor did suggest not going for anything too large, but until you get the finished pair of glasses with your prescription lenses in, it is difficult to know what they will end up like. Imagine the ends of two milk bottles and you are getting there!!

Can I take them back and get a refund on the frame? Can they resize the lenses into new frames? Or am I stuck because it was my fault for choosing them? (It's not as if anyone else can wear them, unless they have the exact save prescription as me!)

Anyone else ever had this issue??

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Thu 27-Apr-17 21:05:03

I know that vision express do some sort of cooling off period or something, though I don't quite know the full terms and conditions. It's possible that they don't refund or exchange unless faulty?

I am also very short sighted (more than you) and my lenses are usually thicker than the frame even though I have them thinned down as much as possible.

Can you ring them and ask about it? That way you're saved any emabarrasment of going in and having to have the conversation. Sorry if this isn't much help.

FlaviaAlbia Thu 27-Apr-17 21:05:10

I have, but in Specsavers not Boots. Specsavers will change them if you hate them within a few months. I hate mine but had them longer than a few months so they gave me a new pair of frames and lenses for half price.

Worth asking, especially since every time I've got glasses I've been told how thick the lens is likely to be for the glasses size. I'm on the super super thinned lenses now.

LettuceMash Thu 27-Apr-17 21:05:18

Yes, a couple of times at different opticians. I've explained that I hared them and had them changed free of charge.

Actually, its three times now I think about it, but never at boots. I'm sure they will help though.

PugwallsSummer Thu 27-Apr-17 21:05:54

Not the same issue but have been given the same advice recently that I was going to ignore. Best not then...

PossumInAPearTree Thu 27-Apr-17 21:06:12

I had this issue in specsavers and the woman said it was her fault. That she hadn't realised that the frame wouldn't suit the prescription. It was actually for Dd not me. I'd paid for the highest level of thinning so they couldn't improve them but did offer to sort out new glasses at no extra cost....even when the new frames actually cost more.

Do you know what level of thinning you had?

It's the dispensers job to recommend whether a frame is suitable or not for the prescription. So with Dd it's not only a case of plastic frames, but they have to be frames which aren't too big, they also have to have the centre vision point in the centre of the lens.....if the lenses are too high up or low down of centre it won't work.

This was specsavers btw.

Headunderthecovers Thu 27-Apr-17 21:11:57

I would speak to the practice manager and explain the lenses are too thick and heavy for you to wear and could they let you choose a smaller frame.
You don't have the right for a refund, but they would normally want you to be happy with what you had bought and remake them for you withstanding the cost to the practice.
I'm the same prescription as you (and a little more) and my lenses are the thinnest plastic (1.74) and look fine in my quite large frames, so perhaps you could have the lenses in a thinner material still. Check what you have been given - the higher the numbers after the 1 point the thinner the lenses. Mine were even more expensive than yours- the penalty of being a high prescription.

BakedBeeeen Fri 28-Apr-17 14:25:28

Many thanks for your suggestions and comments. Headunderthecovers, I have just called boots and said what you suggested, and the manager is going to call me back, so fingers crossed!
I had the thinnest possible (1.7) so going thinner is not possible. It is due to the size of the frame, much bigger than my previous pair, so the thickness is really noticeable. I also wear my glasses all the time, so I don't feel like I can put up with not being happy with them!

BakedBeeeen Sat 29-Apr-17 13:49:14

FYI, Boots said it wasn't their policy, but that I could choose some different frames and get some new glasses as long as I did it the next day. (Apparently it is easier for their factory to get them redone straightaway.) very pleased! Thanks all!

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