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Kerriooo Thu 27-Apr-17 10:47:54

Hi, I just wanted to write regarding an issue I have had with

I have purchased from them for many years, with no problems. However, I recently returned a number of items, using their online service, and they only refunded me for part of the return and claimed that the other items were not in the box. I have spoken to their customer services and they are adamant that they will not refund these items. I have proof of postage from the post office and the post office said that Zara should take it up with them, as they are insured. The amount in question is less than £30, but as an extremely long standing customer I am shocked at their attitude. Has anyone had anything similar and does anyone know if there is any other route I could take? The only way I can see to prove what was in the box is the proof of postatge that shows the weight. And Zara no longer require you to put the receipt in the box, showing the items you are returning, so I would advise others to return to the store, which obviously is not always convenient.

Pretty alarmed with their attitude as apart from the box weight, how do I prove that I returned all of the items (which I did) and how can they say I didn't? Basically, they are saying that this option of returns, which they offer to all customers, is not reliable or safe and the onus is on the customer to prove themselves.

VerySadInside Thu 27-Apr-17 10:55:01

I had similar with another company and now film myself packing returns. Its very easy I just prop phone up and show whats going in box and the box being sealed. I had issues returning online order to zara in store where I just didnt get a refund. Their service is atrocious. In europe they seem to be regarded along the lines of primary but in the UK we think them better than they are.

PopcornBits Thu 27-Apr-17 13:42:36

Wow that's pretty bad. Never heard of a store doing this before but shows how sneaky they can be. I would report to trading standards.

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