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Junior ISA withdrawal

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xrayyankeezulu Sun 23-Apr-17 20:03:08

Can anyone advise me on junior ISAs & what equates to exceptional circumstances for withdrawal?

DD is almost 4 and waiting to see a paediatrician, the NHS list is really long so we went private for assessments, observations & diagnosis. The outcome is that she has a social communication disorder & the occupational therapist has suggested a intensive programme where they go to preschool with her and 'scaffold' her with playing & interacting with the other children. The quotation is £7k. I intend to go ahead with it but don't have the money in hand.

We've saved really well by putting the maximum allowance into her junior ISA each year & she's got £16k in there. Would the bank be likely to let me withdraw from there for the therapy?

Before anyone says about not taking money from your kids etc she will 100% get it paid back plus more (I realise I won't be able to put it back in the ISA due to allowances but she has another savings account so have the same amount she would have done by the time she's 18)

wickerlampshade Sun 23-Apr-17 21:02:47


If the child becomes terminally ill and the Registered Contact wishes to withdraw funds from the account the Registered Contact must make an application to HMRC (further information can be obtained at If the application is accepted HMRC will notify us and the Registered Contact. We may ask to see HMRC's letter of consent before we allow any funds to be withdrawn. If the account is closed in these circumstances interest earned up to the date of closure will be paid tax free.

is from here

I very much doubt your circumstances would count, but no harm in asking

hmmwhatatodo Tue 25-Apr-17 22:26:28

Surely if it's serious enough the school will be able to apply for funding/get her a place once a week or so in a specialist school ?

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