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Help with a calculation please...

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OhMyGodBecky Sun 23-Apr-17 11:42:34

Hello, I think I have worked out what I need to know to make sure I don't massively see myself off financially if/when the time comes for me to go on maternity leave but would appreciate someone confirming this for me please.

I am actively ttc number 1 but at 39 it's taking a while.

I don't really like my job anymore (new manager, change in culture blah blah very dull) so am looking for something new. My current employers don't offer anything about the govt minimum for maternity leave/pay but I have been here long enough to qualify for SMP.

If I were to change jobs am I right in thinking that provided I don't get pregnant within the first 9 weeks there I will still qualify for SMP? I think this is the case as you have to have worked for your employer continually for 26 by the 15 week point of your pregnancy....have I worked that out properly?

If I am lucky enough to become pregnant but am within the first 9 weeks of my (mythical) new job then I would lose the 6 weeks at 90% of my earnings element and go on to £140 a week for however long (39 weeks?)

So I worked out what 90% of my weekly wage is, multiplied that by 6 and get £2300, so if (big if) I can get a job that pays £2300 a year more than I am currently on, I won't actually be any worse off financially than if I stay in my current job?

And that concludes the officially dullest ever post on Mumsnet smile

MirandaWest Sun 23-Apr-17 11:46:49

You can get pregnant sooner as you have to have worked for 26 weeks by the time you're 25 weeks pregnant I think (ie 15 weeks before the baby is due).


OhMyGodBecky Sun 23-Apr-17 12:09:55

Oh thanks Miranda! I re-read the info you linked and I misunderstood initially, so this is even better news! Very happy with this, thank you smile

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