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Consolidating debts

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mytimewillcome Thu 20-Apr-17 09:21:30

I'm remortgaging to buy someone out but I also have a £7,500 loan where I have 3 years left to pay. It's £185 a month. Would you add that to the mortgage? I'm thinking suck it up for 3 years and then it's gone but am I right? Thanks.

Ellisandra Thu 20-Apr-17 17:20:56

If your mortgage is for £100,000 over 25 years at 2% an additional £7500 borrowing would cost you £9603.

Most people when they say "£7500 loan" mean including all interest. If so, that's more than two grand more you'd pay - if interest rates didn't go up.

So no - I wouldn't add it to the mortgage.
Different if it was a credit card with high interest you could avoid - but it sounds like your interest is fixed and loaded into your monthly payment?

Another reason I wouldn't add it is one of principle really - it's not generally a good idea to get credit and then 'get out of paying it' by lumping it into the mortgage. For some people that's a slippery slope!

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