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So confused financially (tax credits)

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user1487854472 Mon 17-Apr-17 18:02:28

I am a single mum and started a new job working nights following my maternity leave. My daughter is 10 months old and I have no support from her father. I literally only have my mum for childcare. I am currently working two nights a week (22 hours) and earn approx £16500 a year doing this. I claim tax credits and get £50 wtc and £250 ctc.

My mum is now saying that she may not be able to offer child care for one night a fortnight, which means I may need to cut my hours to 16.5 a week (spread over the fortnight) and would earn around £12400.

Does anyone know if the rest could be made up in tax credits? I am so stressed by this, I don't know what to do. I haven't found any benefit calculators to be correct so far, so wondered if anyone else could offer some advice?

RebootYourEngine Mon 17-Apr-17 18:09:00

You tax credits may increase a little but not by the amount that you are losing. Maybe 5 or 10 pounds per week if they change at all.

RebootYourEngine Mon 17-Apr-17 18:09:22

You = your

Babyroobs Mon 17-Apr-17 18:30:47

There is a £2.5k disregard if your income drops meaning any future award would be based on earnings of £15k I think. So yes they would increase slightly but not a lot. Try putting your figures into a benefits calculator.
You need to make sure your hours don't drop below 16 or you would lose working tax creidts and childcare help ( if you get it).

Babyroobs Mon 17-Apr-17 18:34:15

Do you have the option to not drop your hours and do some day shifts instead?
You would most likely then get a good proportion of childcare fees paid.

user1487854472 Mon 17-Apr-17 18:49:30

Day shifts are only 8am to 8pm, so I'd have no one to care for my daughter for that short amount of time before bed. I can't believe how hard it is to juggle being a single mum and work.

Babyroobs Mon 17-Apr-17 19:04:51

I'm assuming you are a Nurse? Maybe you need to consider a switch to community nursing or practise nursing or some kind of clinic work.
We do a similar shift pattern to what you describe but the lone parents I work with have older kids and lots of family support.
Of course the problem with a 9-5 type Nursing job is it is less money as no weekends or nights and more childcare costs.
There are no easy solutions I'm afraid.
Could you find a childminder who could keep your baby until 8pm or a reliable babysitter who could pick up from the childminder and be with her in your home for a coupled of hours until you get home ?
There are usually ways around shift work but it might cost you a bit more and if a babysitter isn't officially registered you wouldn't be able to claim help towards childcare for those few hours.
Things will get easier as your child gets older.

Leatherboundanddown Mon 17-Apr-17 19:07:50

You are earning really good money for the hours you are doing so it would be a shame to change it. If it is only one night in each fortnight can you find a reliable babysitter that can stay over this night at your place so you can keep your working pattern the same?

Leatherboundanddown Mon 17-Apr-17 19:09:52

There are also night nannies but this would cost more per hour

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