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Mortgages when relocating

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SquedgieBeckenheim Sun 16-Apr-17 17:41:28

We are planning to move closer to family next year, we're currently 6 hours drive from them, so a full relocation with new jobs for both of us. I'm currently on maternity leave, due to go back to work at the end of the year. When we move, I'll be looking for jobs in the same industry, DH will be changing industry.
How does it work with mortgages? Will we have to wait till we've moved and found new employment and started working to get a mortgage? Or can we apply for mortgages based on current jobs but buy in new area? It's fairly obvious on a mortgage application we wont be working for current employers and living 6 hours away! We do currently own property where we're moving to, but it's not suitable for our family and currently rented out.

delilahbucket Mon 17-Apr-17 13:17:31

Secure a job to start when you move if you can. Some mortgage providers will accept a written job offer confirming your salary.

TheWildRumpyPumpus Mon 17-Apr-17 13:30:29

We moved and DH changed jobs - we weren't able to use his salary for our mortgage application until he was out of his probationary period. Luckily my salary was sufficient for the mortgage we needed.

SquedgieBeckenheim Mon 17-Apr-17 13:39:45

Thanks for your replies.
wild we will both be needing new jobs with new employers.
I do intend to have a new job lined up for the move, but nothing is ever guaranteed! DH will still be paid by his current employer for 3 months after our move date, but will be on leave and not going back!

Huskylover1 Mon 17-Apr-17 16:30:42

I don't think the mortgage company will be clever enough to notice that the house is 6 hours away from your employer. Your employer could have several branches. There is so much automation and not much common sense.

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