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Can't use my new card?

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CoffeeBreakIn5 Thu 13-Apr-17 13:19:53

I applied for a Virgin Money credit card, was approved and card arrived. I activated the card and then tried to use it for the purpose I bought it for, well within the credit limit. Card was declined, I rang Virgin, they couldn't identify a reason it was declined and said try again.

I tried again the next day, declined again. Rang Virgin, they looked into it. The amount the transaction had been for was incorrect at their end, they said it was a complicated transaction (it was chip and pin). The amount was correct at the machine because I watched them it. They said there were no blocks from them so it must be from MasterCard.

They asked me to try chip and pin again, it was declined so they asked me to key in the numbers manually and that didn't work either. They asked me the details of the transaction and what I was buying, then details of the actual item I was buying (including its country of manufacture!). The company then had a strange phone call asking what they sold, what type of industry they were etc, etc. I was told by Virgin they would call me back.

Next day I had not received a phone call so I tried again, declined. Rang Virgin and the whole thing starts again, no luck and it's a problem with MasterCard and not something they can sort out from their end. They said they'll call me back.

Seriously, what is this about? And why? I don't have bad credit, the card was approved, the business is legitimate and other people were making purchases of similar amounts. I feel like they think I'm some sort of criminal, I'm also needing to make the purchase and I don't want to miss out on this particular item!

Can anyone help?

Bearbehind Thu 13-Apr-17 17:30:44

Not sure anyone on here is going to be able to help.

It sounds like Virgin think the transaction is 'dodgy' in some way.

The fact you've been quite careful not to say what it is adds to the mystery grin

dementedpixie Thu 13-Apr-17 17:36:22

Can they cancel the card and send a new one?

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