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Telephone Interview

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anon135790 Tue 04-Apr-17 10:06:42

Not sure if this is even in the right group!
I received a letter last week for a ' Local Compliance Telephone Interview'.
The call will take place in just over 2 weeks. The letter says the telephone interview has been arranged because your circumstances may have changed and we need to ensure your payments are correct. On the back it says i need my bank statements at hand and any savings or pensions (which i don't have!).
I rang the women who will be doing the interview to change my mobile number as it was wrong, i asked her what the interview was for as i had never heard of it. She said "its just to check your getting / on the correct benefits."
Since googling i have seen so many stories of the LCO being part of the fraud team, i haven't commited any fraud but its still worrying me as to why I have this interview!
I had been overpaid some benefit (no more than £150) and it wasn't my fault, and all that got sorted last week luckily.
Sorry for rambling on.
Any advice to put my mind at ease would be great, seen as i have to wait just over 2 week!!!

dearmeee Tue 04-Apr-17 11:47:31

I think its just random checks op try not to worry. Was it from dwp?

anon135790 Tue 04-Apr-17 12:21:16

It was yeah!
When I spoke to the women she said it was just to make sure I'm on the correct benefits but then someone else has said they are to do with the fraud department, so confused! Doesn't help the phone call is 2 week away! x

dearmeee Tue 04-Apr-17 12:40:47

I know i can imagine it be worrying but i am sure i read a post a while back and all was fine, think they are just standard xx

anon135790 Wed 05-Apr-17 09:13:50

yeah i've read some people say its just standard checks and others say its to do with the fraud department, i'll just have to wait and see.
There was another girl i spoke to though who has one for the same date and same times, so hopefully its just random checks!
Thankyou smile xcx

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