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NHS pension withdrawal?

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anonnamechange03 Sun 19-Mar-17 11:30:47

I am an NHS employee from overseas and been here for less than 2 years. DH and I are not likely to stay in the UK permanently, but might. I am paying about £170 into the pension per month and our finances are quite tight at present. I read online that I can leave the pension scheme before my 2 year anniversary and have my contributions refunded. I am 33.

If we do stay permanently, can I rejoin the scheme at a later date? I am aware I will have to pay tax on refunded contributions but are there other penalties I will face monthly? Are there other things to think about or consider? The scheme says that I can receive my contributions if I move overseas but everything I've found online (Money Saving Expert, etc) says that the money can't actually be transferred, esp if you are an overseas person/not UK citizen.

Ta1kinPeace Sun 19-Mar-17 11:52:09

Talk to your HR department. They will have the correct information for your scheme.
NHS pensions are unfunded DB schemes so not comparable with normal pensions.

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