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Smart meters: Worth it?

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DigitalDisconnect Sat 18-Mar-17 11:59:31

Certain media outlets, apparently not on-message when it comes to pushing smart meters on consumers, have raised various concerns e.g.

• The prospective financial and energy savings have been said by analysts to be highly limited
• Consumer energy use data will be used to price in such a way as to control our behaviour
• The ‘smart home’ and ‘internet of things’ (IoT) pose data profiling, privacy, and security issues
• Consumers have reported overcharging

Our main thread on issues with smart meters (includes discussion of serious health risks):

Related news media reports:

ExplodedCloud Sat 18-Mar-17 12:11:23

There are other longer threads already.

Having said that I won't have one because the technology is outdated and insecure. The meters are insecure can be hacked and used to stop supplies. Suppliers can remotely stop supplies and they can interfere with domestic WiFi.

You can buy cheap monitors that tell you about your power consumption without these problems.

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