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benefits/ tax credits

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misswhatdoto2 Fri 17-Mar-17 20:43:11

Just wondering if anyone can advise please!
Am currently in the process of separating from my husband and am planning on renting for a year and then looking to buy once things have settle down. Once we've sold I'm anticipating on having nearly £60k which of most will go towards my deposit when buying. I've never claimed benefits before in my life and looking online I don't think I would be entitled to anything due to having these 'savings'. However, when I was speaking to my solictor she said I would be entitled to something?
Just to add, I have 2 children who will be living with me and work part time earning around £26k pa
If I could get any support for the year then obviously would be great as don't really want to eat too much into my deposit money but can't see anything I would be entitled to

Babyroobs Fri 17-Mar-17 21:48:02

You would get a small amount of child tax credits and help towards childcare if you use it. And child benefit of course.
You might get some help with the rent from housing benefit until the house is sold . Is there any reason you and the children can't stay in the family home?
I assume your ex will also be paying child maintainence which does not affect benefits.

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