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CSA or Lawyer

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kulikova Fri 17-Mar-17 16:46:05

Hello ,

Anyone could advise on wether it's better to go through CSA or get a lawyer for child maintenance? The farther of my daughter has not been paying for 6 months ( she is 6 months old ). He paid for one month ( as agreed ) but then said he was having cash flow issues and will pay soon . It's been going for so long now that I do not believe him anymore.

I have called CSA they explained their process but I would like to hear from an experience to decide if a lawyer would be a better option , albeit a more expensive one .

Thank you

delilahbucket Mon 20-Mar-17 22:52:52

The CMS have more powers to deduct it from him. All a solicitor would do is go back and forth to court to enforce. The CMS will just take it from his wage/benefits. Don't delay getting the process started.

kulikova Tue 21-Mar-17 08:54:56

Thank you delilahbucket . Just called CSM half application has done, will finalise later on today when they call me back. I waited for 6 months as he kept saying he would pay but only paid for 1.5 months . Should have done earlier but really thought he would pay as we had "family based arrangement ". CSM said they won't backdate just from the date the application was made . Oh well .

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