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Universal credit claim for children

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Unicornz4eva Fri 17-Mar-17 13:08:40

I can't find advice anywhere online and am reluctant to sit in the call que to speak to universal credit!
Hope someone can help!
Myself and partner both work and get universal credit. We have my youngest son from previous relationship living with us full time and my eldest son who is 11 lives with his dad but stays with us 3 days a week,I am also 8 months pregnant.
I'm just wondering if I should have declared that my eldest son lives here 3 days a week? I currently have only my youngest son declared on the applicatio. I pay for my eldest sons clothes, food recreational activities on the days he's with me and receive no maintance payments from his dad,as we have one child each living with us full time. My eldest stay with me 3 days a week and my youngest stays at his dads whenever his dad can have him. His dad does not have fix days in place like I do.

I'm just wondering because I was told I've automatically been awarded free school dinners for both children due to being awarded universal credit even though the eldest is not mentioned on my benefit application??

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