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Sold my phone up music magpie and they haven't paid me

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samanthajayne17 Sat 11-Mar-17 14:14:30

So I sold my phone to music magpie online and sent it to them. They offered me £303 as it is an expensive phone. They emailed me when they received it saying I didn't take iCloud off ( my mistake I thought I did when k reset the phone) and they told me I have 4 days to take it off iCloud or else they will recycle my phone and I will get nothing. So immediately I figured out how to do it and emailed them it was done straight away. I've since had no response. No payment and its Been 5 days. I've emailed which they have ignored. I have them but keep getting fobbed off with 'it's being retested' but it should only take 2 working days so they have gone over that. They keep saying we will email but they get no response from the 'tech department' I think they have stolen my phone and are fobbing me off until I give up but I sold that because I was in Financial difficulty and need the money but now I've lost my phone and money. What else can I do because ringing them is pointless. Shall I report the phone stolen?

MsMarvel Sat 11-Mar-17 14:16:48

I've looked into using them before and decoded against it because they state in their terms and conditions that if they discover anything that would lower the value, they are not tied to the initial quote, and they don't return any items. So once you send it they can do what they want.

I don't think that you can report it stolen because you agreed to these terms and willingly put it in the post.

samanthajayne17 Sat 11-Mar-17 14:23:14

But they have not paid me nothing? They asked me to correct something which I did so how can they just keep it and not pay me? Isn't that theft?

MsMarvel Sat 11-Mar-17 14:45:39

I would imagine that they wouldn't have re-checked that icloud had been turned off until the 4 days were over, whether it was done before then or not. So then the time it takes to test etc would start from that 4th day.

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