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Selling a Joint Investment Fairly

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SaltyHair Wed 08-Mar-17 17:30:13

I 'd like to know what you think is fair.

I invested in a property with my ex partner with whom I have an amicable relationship.

We both invested an equal amount.

My partner would now like to buy me out, for the same amount that I put in (there has been no increase in value). I'm happy to sell for this amount. We haven't used an agent, so there will be no agent fees when we transfer the property into his ownership.

However, my ex-partner has just said that I ought to knock off "half of the potential estate agent fees of the future", because I have sold to him and luckily avoided fees. He says he is penalised by having to pay these fees in the future.

I say this is unfair, as in the future, I will also have to pay an agent - to sell whatever I buy with my money from the flat. If I also pay him, I'll end up paying agent fees twice.

Has anyone else been in a position like this? I just want to do what is fair, but I don't think that what he is suggesting is! Please tell me if I'm wrong.

user1487362239 Wed 08-Mar-17 17:34:17

If he wants to buy you out it's his choice and therefore will be his responsibility to pay any fees in the future. Legally, he cannot force you to pay those fees. If he doesn't want to pay all of the fees himself then you should sell the flat, both pay half the fees and keep half each of what's left.
I understand why he might think it's fair but if you explain that you will be investing your money into something that you will have to pay the entirety of fees on he might understand?

SaltyHair Wed 08-Mar-17 18:25:56

Thanks... that's the point I'm making, but he tells me I'm not getting it! I'm trying!

JoJoSM2 Wed 08-Mar-17 22:16:39

Could he pay your stamp duty and legal fees on the property you need to buy as you can't stay on the flat? Might that go through his thick skull?

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