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Exam marking on maternity leave

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RioRoo Wed 08-Mar-17 16:22:59

I'm a teacher & have received my offer for summer exam marking which will start in June. I'm due to return to work from maternity leave in July. I've contacted AQA but they can't answer my question so wondered if anyone here knew the answer.
Will exam marking affect my maternity pay? The first payment is in June.
Thanks in advance.

Amummyatlast Wed 08-Mar-17 19:05:46

If it's self-employed work it doesn't affect statutory maternity pay. If you get contractual maternity pay you should look at the policies.

RioRoo Wed 08-Mar-17 19:26:48

Thanks, I actually don't know if it is & exam board have told me to ask my employer if it will affect it.

Moanyoldcow Wed 08-Mar-17 23:42:26

How will you be paid? If the exam board pay you gross and you have to complete a tax return to pay the tax on the earnings then you'll be working on a self employed basis.

This won't affect SMP.

The issue will be whether your contract of employment allows for other employment to be undertaken. I think it will probably be ok,

RioRoo Thu 09-Mar-17 17:29:59

My employer is fine with it (I do it every year). I don't complete a tax return, it's taxed before I get it. So does that mean it will affect SMP? I actually don't like doing it & it's not a huge amount so may not be worth it if it does!

Moanyoldcow Thu 09-Mar-17 18:45:22

Looking at this link:

I think it could be classed as a Keeping in Touch day with an alternative employer.

RioRoo Thu 09-Mar-17 19:42:58

Thank you! If it does that would be good x

True16 Sun 23-Apr-17 17:53:39

Hi I am wanting to know the same thing - did you find out if you can or not?


peukpokicuzo Sun 23-Apr-17 18:28:35

If you are returning to work in July does that mean that June is in an unpaid part of your maternity leave? If you aren't receiving SMP you can work no trouble - and you only get SMP in the first 9 months.

If you are still in those 9 months then any paid work stops your entitlement to SMP. You cannot use KIT days for exam marking - KIT has to be for your main employer.

You may not be found out but you will be committing benefit fraud if you work while receiving SMP.

True16 Sun 23-Apr-17 19:11:54

Ah you confirmed my suspicions, thanks. I did think as much but was hoping someone might be able to tell me otherwise. It's not worth the risk. Think I'll just continue to enjoy this free time. Thanks x

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