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We where not told no children allowed.?

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mummy2be1996 Thu 02-Mar-17 15:04:05

Me and my partner where looking for rented property. We applied for the house we wanted (unfurnished). When we went into the office to apply they asked us if we have any children and we told them one one the way (30 weeks) and told them my due date. We where accepted for the property and they sent out the contract a week later for us to go over, we noticed in the contrast no children which they didn't tell us when applying we where only told no pets and no smokers that wasn't a problem to us as we don't have pets and we don't smoke. We are meant to be moving in on the 6th of this month.

why would they accept us if they knew there was a child on the way? and what do we do about this?

I get there is the issue kids can damage to property but I still think it is unfair and I am willing to pay on top of the deposit for any damages done to the property by the child (not that it will cause any damage as it will be a new born)

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