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First year finances & renting

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babyunicornvomit Mon 27-Feb-17 19:57:32

Okay I'll try to write this as simply as possible. Our baby is due 1st August (unplanned, but very wanted) and we're a bit tight financially, but finding it hard to calculate due to ever changing circumstances.

-I'm finishing my degree and work part-time. Earn around £120-£140 weekly. I'm on a student contract and so don't qualify for maternity leave. Will be leaving uni and job late May to move area.
- Partner works full time in Manchester and is a few years older. Currently earns £22k but is looking for something better as he has a masters degree. Works 9-5.
- We dont yet live together because I live at uni (around 50 miles away from him) but finish in May so will be moving in together early June. Currently looking at small 3-beds reasonably close to the city (for his work) around £600-£800 a month. Ideally less than £700 - average for what we like is £695.
- I will have to claim the government maternity allowance and plan to be a SAHM for a couple of years, doing my masters degree part time from home through the Open Uni. This will be funded with a postgraduate loan.

Basically, does it sound like we'll be able to cope? Has anyone else been in a similar situation moneywise?

Babyroobs Mon 27-Feb-17 20:04:12

You will probably be able to claim a small amount of child tax credits on your partners current salary, but if his salary goes above £26k then you won't get anything. You will get child benefit of £20 a week. I think with careful budgeting you might be ok but obviously it depends on outgoings like council tax and utilities.

delilahbucket Wed 01-Mar-17 14:25:09

Do you really need three bedrooms? You could save a considerable amount downsizing your property requirements. If the saving is really worth it you could even get away with a one bed for a year.
I would find out more about your maternity pay. You may actually be entitled to it from the employer even if you no longer work there if you are still employed at week 25 of pregnancy. At most you will get 90% of your average pay. Unless you are agency staff you are entitled to this pay regardless. If you are entitled to the pay through an employer you will not get the government allowance.

Notreallyhappy Wed 01-Mar-17 15:10:57
In respect of benefits check here.

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