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Maternity Allowance - questions

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Algebraic Sun 26-Feb-17 18:41:04

Have scoured online for answers but can't seem to get a definitive one.

I don't qualify for SMP due to starting my job after I was pregnant. Today was my last day for a few reasons. Initially I decided to leave so I could get a temp office job with better pay, but in the past few weeks I've struggled with sciatica and pelvic pain so wouldn't have been able to stay anyway (cafe job).

From what I've ascertained using the online calculator I qualify for MA already as I have worked enough in the qualifying period - the 66 weeks prior to the due date. However, I've now read on the form it says you must have been recently employed when you claim. If I don't get a new job due to my sciatica etc, will there be issues when I come to claim later down the line?

I am currently 20 weeks.

Any help appreciated.

Joinourclub Sun 26-Feb-17 18:45:20

If you have worked enough in the qualifying period then you qualify. I gave up work as soon as I got pregnant (in order to move to the other side of the country) and I was still eligible.

Algebraic Sun 26-Feb-17 18:54:11

Ok thank you. I did think that was the case, but when I came to fill out and print the form I noticed further information that gave that vague descriptor of 'you must have been recently working'. I mean, what is recently, really?!!

ellesbellesxxx Mon 27-Feb-17 12:05:41

I think it clarifies by saying 26 weeks out of the last year or whatever so you will be fine smile

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