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Coming off tax credits before UC starts

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LovelyBath77 Thu 23-Feb-17 09:18:33

I understand UC is replacing tax credits from 2019-2022 with everyone being transferred by then and thinking about how to tackle this. I hear they are a nightmare to claim and administered by DWP (have already dealt with them for PIP / ESA and not good)

My husband is self-employed and may have the possibility of a lucrative contact coming up, the payment wile in the region of £125,000 (however it is not clear yet how much of that will be used for equipment and costs.) I am on cont based ESA and PIP, neither of which are income related so could still claim these independant of his income.

What I'm thinking is he has some other work and if he could start working on this project but not get paid until the end then if it is a lump sum at the end that would be a good time to stop tax credits forever. It would be a relief to not have to deal with changeover to UC as well.

Is anyone else worried about the changeover to UC as well, and how are you planning to deal with it?

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