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i feel sick, payment sheild have taken over £600 from my account without notification!

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Mossop17 Mon 20-Feb-17 22:08:28

any advice people?? we have home and contents with these cowboys at £36.00 a month, my neighbour informed me that payment sheild had upped his direct debit without a letter of notification to over £500 a month and advised i check my account, i feel sick to see they have taken £600 plus! neighbour says that's the new monthly amount. Thank fk DP is home tomorrow to call and give them merry hell, help what do we do!

HerOtherHalf Mon 20-Feb-17 22:11:24

Call your bank as well. An unnotiffied increase like that smells like something a lot worse than incompetence or poor customer communication. Fraud maybe, before they go into liquidation?

AnneElliott Mon 20-Feb-17 22:25:15

Call your bank and tell them it is an unauthorised debut from your account. The bank should refund it and get you to sign a form to say that you did not give permission for this.

unfortunateevents Mon 20-Feb-17 22:32:54

Even £36 a month sounds like quite a lot. What is the value of contents insured with them? Can you not get something cheaper with a more reputable insurer?

Wishforsnow Mon 20-Feb-17 22:35:43

That sounds very dodgy especially if it has happened to someone else too. Phone your bank now and have a look on twitter or Facebook to see if others have raised issues.

Mossop17 Mon 20-Feb-17 22:37:53

thanks peeps. ive logged it as suspcious with online banking, theres no one there now, but DP will be calling 1st thing, im going to find a better provider asap, we only went with them as it was part of our housemove/mortgage deal sad

PatriciaHolm Tue 21-Feb-17 10:29:01

If the money has been taken without advance notice of the increase, you are entitled to an immediate refund;

You need to contact Shield and your bank.

Nicketynac Sun 26-Feb-17 00:03:36

I am sure it is illegal to make you take particular insurance as part of a mortgage deal. You have probably been missold it and might be able to make a claim about that too.
Used to be commonplace (according to my mum) but although your financial adviser or mortgage company can suggest someone they can't insist on it.

VacantExpression Wed 01-Mar-17 14:27:32

You are usually obliged to take out buildings insurance as part of a mortgage, and would need to provide proof to your solicitor that you have done. This shouldn't need to be from a particular provider though.
I have had a policy with Paymentshield for some years now and always had no problems with them- very unusual that you wouldn't be notified of any changes to the direct debit, companies have to advise you. Do you have much post go awry? Double check they have the right house number or something on their system as this would affect your insurance too, as well as not getting post!!

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