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Income support pregnant

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harleysmammy Mon 20-Feb-17 16:19:40

Hi, i sent my letter off for income support not last thursday, the thursday before. My local job center doesnt have a letter box outside like some do so i sent it through the post office. I still havent heard anything from them and its been 11 it normal not to hear anything for that long? How long does it normally take? I need the money so i can get my maternity grant as they wont give me it until i get some kind of benefit and i'm not on any other benefit. I need the grant asap as i've been in hospital countless times in the last few weeks and they said im showing signs of going early, i need to pay for the travel system i've ordered. I just wanna know how long it takes to hear back from them i guess, thanks x

LemonSqueezy0 Tue 21-Feb-17 11:46:29

I'd have thought you apply online these days.. Definitely double check, as soon as possible, as if they say they haven't been contacted you might not be technically claiming yet.

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