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BT price increases

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ThanksALotBT Wed 15-Feb-17 11:12:34

Anybody else received an email this week? I only joined 2 months ago and already my broadband and phone package is going up from £9 a month to £11.50. Line rental is £18.99

I need to check if I can get a better deal elsewhere and leave. So annoyed that they can do this within weeks of me joining! Plus in the summer the free bt sport that came with bt tv is going to be charged at £3.50 a month angry

Seems I was naive in thinking it was a 12 months contract. It's my first place renting on my own and I feel a bit conned/silly!

specialsubject Wed 15-Feb-17 13:32:46

the broadband suppliers can all do this - it is a fixed contract on your side but they are allowed to put the price up on their side. However doing that does allow you to leave the contract early.

Shop around, but all the suppliers are raising prices so don't expect too much. If you stay with BT, you can reduce the bill a little by paying your line rental in one chunk, a year in advance. That will lock you in as if you leave early, you don't get a refund. If you do that, remember to ask for free caller ID as part of it - it is included but only if you ask.

ActuallyThatsSUPREMECommander Wed 15-Feb-17 13:35:46

Haggle. Ask to speak to their customer retention team. Go to MSE and look for a better deal, then ring and say "Plusnet will give me broadband for half the price, I'm off unless you make an effort to keep me".

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