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HMRC and dividend issue

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greenberet Mon 13-Feb-17 16:41:42

I am in dispute with X husband over dividends declared in my name to which I have not received the funds. I am currently 50% shareholder although shares are to be transferred to him . This has been recorded on my tax form. I have paid tax on these as though i have received the money. I now need to get my tax uptodate - X and his fellow director are refusing to send me the latest dividend schedule so I have no idea whether dividends have been declared in the last couple of months. X has been lying all the way through divorce proceedings and he may be trying to conceal this until i have transferred my shares. HMRC have called me - yes unheard of I know - re another issue and say they are now dealing with it. If i send in my latest tax return and send the emails where i have now been blocked from emailing the company will HMRC be able to get the dividend schedule from him

Badbadbunny Mon 13-Feb-17 20:04:12

You only declare dividends you have received on YOUR tax return. The company don't make a return of dividends paid. It's between you and HMRC as to your declaration of your dividends.

If husband is taking your share of dividends, it's his problem if he's not reporting them on HIS tax return. Not to mention, it's a breach of company law not to pay dividends to the rightful shareholder.

Kanga59 Mon 13-Feb-17 22:34:09 div received, no div on tax return.

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