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Deposit on PADI diving course paid ages ago...

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OCSockOrphanage Sun 12-Feb-17 12:39:09

Three years ago, DS15 did a PADI diving course. Loved it, so we paid in advance for the advanced course with a discount. But he was unable to find a wetsuit warm enough (skinny) so we investigated drysuits. These were impossible to hire in his size so he postponed doing the advanced course until he could save up for his own. DS, now 18, just bought one (£650, he saved/earned the money himself) and so I asked the owner of the dive business if we could transfer the deposit paid for the advanced open water course to pay for the dry suit course. The dive shop has refused, and refused a refund of the £200 saying it was too long ago. Does anyone know how we stand legally? DH is livid and threatening to take it to the small claims court.

UrethaFranklin Sun 12-Feb-17 13:53:52

Did you have a receipt or anything and if so, did it have t&c's that say how long you had to book the actual course? Did you let the dive shop know that you wouldn't be booking the full course for a while?

To be honest, I do think 3 years is quite a long time to expect them to hold a deposit for something.

OCSockOrphanage Sun 12-Feb-17 16:01:53

I probably have the receipt and they have it logged as live to Nov 16, but he bought the drysuit early February 17. I know we have been slow to deal with this, but it's not a voucher that can expire... or is it?

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