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Council tax liabilty on old property despite new tenant. COURT.

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Backt0Black Thu 02-Feb-17 11:42:13

Hoping someone on here can help? I'm getting nowhere with the council.

In Nov after a long running dispute with the landlord over various legal issues (I'll omit to keep this short, but happy to explain) I left a tenancy 7 months early (was 2.5 yeas). I immediately called the council (both properties in same billing area) to inform and to take on liability at new property.

The landlord had re-marketed the property the month previously - hence my need to move quickly, tenancy was until June.

The landlord entered the property with a band of his workmen and stole around £2000 worth of possessions while I was midmove (not that it matters but I'm heavily pregnant and this was a bit terrifying and can't beelieve the council are supporting this 'landlord') then returned to change the locks, in the same month. So - effectively no access from Nov. (I was happy to hand existing keys to landlord in exchange for a receipt of return as he is quite dodgy)

Out of spite landlord has said to council I retain the council tax liability until end of tenancy (June!)... despite the fact he has re-let the property to new tenants.

I appealed and wrote to council explaining the changed locks and new tenant and they STILL are holding me liable until June. Despite new tenant and the fact that I am happily paying them on a new property. They and are pushing ahead with court action ... I cant just pay... it's a huge bill - £280 a month on a high band! (will be on SMP soon!)

They have said my only recourse is to write another letter. I dont know what else I can say that there is another tenant in the property and that the landlord changing the locks was implied surrender?

They will no longer discuss verbally and feel like I am doomed to end up in court, never been through anything like this.

Any legal eagles with advice.... anyone been through similar and have takes of success.... or warning?

JoJoSM2 Fri 03-Feb-17 08:28:37

can you ask a lawyer for help? Someone needs to read your tenancy agreement to see what teras you agreed re council tax. Did you inform the council that you moved out when you did? Have you got end of tenancy paperwork with the landlord?

However, it sounds a bit like the landlord put the place on the market so you decided to break the tenancy agreement and move out. It does not sound like you went about it in a grown up way and sorted the paperwork properly. I think you should take all contracts, correspondence from the landlord and the council to a lawyer to go through and see where you stand.

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