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Wills ----- Is It true...............

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MagicalMay Mon 26-Feb-07 01:27:06

I have been told as i am on benefits i can make a will at a solicitors for free, Is this true?
If so how do i find a good solicitor in my area?

yacketyblah Mon 26-Feb-07 01:57:09 not sure about a free will but you can find out if you qualify for legal aid here...

MagicalMay Mon 26-Feb-07 02:07:56

Thank you just checking it out now

MagicalMay Mon 26-Feb-07 23:50:22


mumblechum Tue 27-Feb-07 12:18:30

I don't do any legal aid nowadays, but certainly up to a few years ago you could do a will under the legal help scheme (part of legal aid) if you were going to appoint a guardian for any children.

I suggest you find a local family lawyer through, check they do legal aid.

Most probate (wills) solicitors don't do legal aid, but a family lawyer will be familiar with the procedure, so ask for a family lawyer in the first instance and if they want the work, they'll get you to sign the legal aid paperwork then pass you on to a probate person.

There's a very tight limit of about £55, so it'll have to be a v. straightforward will.

MagicalMay Tue 27-Feb-07 22:43:07

Oh excellent, thank you mumblechum.
Thats just want i want to do - appoint a guardian.

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