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CMS and Scottish Trust Deed

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user1485179755 Thu 26-Jan-17 09:24:14

My ever caring ex partner decided to just dissappear in 2015 and stop making payments for the 2 kids. It took 9 months for the CMS to find him ( and that was only because they discovered he was working via tax/ ni details ) . To cut a long story short after much fighting the maintenance restarted his due monies plus an amount every month towards the arrears he had accrued.
This month just the bare amount arrives. CMS say they cannot say why but that it involved Scottish Law and Data Privacy rules.
A 5 minute scour of the net I discover the low life has applied and been entered into a trust deed.
It looks like almost £4k due for my kids will be wiped out !!!!!!
What I'm annoyed about is the CMS must have known for some time that he was planning to do this yet told me nothing . As far as I am concerned I am The creditor here not them yet they did not object to this deed being granted and have basically left me high and dry .
I have told the CMS that I know what has happened and they have sent me a letter confirming the amount of arrears .
I am now trying to contact the trustees for this deed to ensure that I am indeed noted as the main creditor.
Has anyone else had an experience like this and any advise on how to contest/ fight this situation ?
I am so damn angry and feel that the CMS for all they make out they are the champions of the wronged as in fact as effective as a chocolate teapot

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