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power of attorney

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Babyramone Sun 25-Feb-07 11:57:05

Hi my mum has a dementia type brain disorder and due to this is setting up a POA. Anyway it's pretty much sorted with my sister and her live in partner sharing the finacial one. I have a wee concern though. My mums partner lives in her house, earns a wage and yet contributes nothing to the mortgage bills etc. My mum has had to stop working and get benefits. She was however turned down for Income support due to him living there even though he pays nothing. She is struggling each week, has no money for her self, partner's at pub most evenings, (drives, but other story)Her phone has been changed by phone co to incomming calls only as she couldn't pay bill, she has mortgage arrears and other debt. Partner so far has not offered to help. He does look after her but is quite impatient with her. My mum however thinks he's wonderful and defends him in all areas even the drink driving.
I wonder if as Solictor has to "look after my mums interests" Should I speak to him to voice concerns or keep out as none of my business. I am happy with the arrangement re POA but both me and my sister worry about her getting taken advantage of by partner. He didn't even help her with phone bill her father did.
What wouild you do.

Themis Sun 25-Feb-07 12:08:42

speak to the solicitor and raise your concerns , if you don't then who will ?

My Dad has POA over my mums money as she is in a nursing home.

Babyramone Sun 25-Feb-07 23:48:47

Thanks will do that. Sometimes I think her partners ok and I actually dont think he wants her to struggle he just doesn't seem to help much with the money side, yet lives there, drives her car etc. Hopefully some arrangement can be made and we'll all be happy.

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