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Student loan repayment confusion!

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ChocoChou Fri 20-Jan-17 09:29:52

Hi all!
I'll try to make this short 😁
I graduated in 2007 with quite a hefty student loan due to my circumstances (single mum, poor parents, studied in London etc) and was paying it off faithfully no problems.
Fast forward some years and I met my (now) DH and I ended up leaving work and living in a different country with him ... didn't work.
We are now married and living back in England for the past year and I'm still not working. Fab! Quite enjoying being a housewife to be honest

However, I've started to get letters from the student loans company asking me to confirm I'm not in employment - fine, did this.
Now they want to know who is supporting me financially (DH, fine) and also demanding bank statements. This bit I'm confused about.... we have a joint bank account and the only money going in is his wages.
as far as I know it's my student loan and I'm not working (yet, I will be job searching soon) and therefore it's irrelevant to know how much DH is earning. Am I right? The loan won't go into his name will it??
They also want to know how much money he gives me each month, but it's not that straightforward, he doesn't give me anything, I just use what I need to buy food etc and all the bills are in his name.
If they see a statement they can't determine what is spent by who and as DH is a high earner I'm feeling quite uneasy about this?!

Can I just make clear, I'm not looking to cheat the system at all. I'm planning on going back to work soon and therefore paying the loan back by myself, I just don't know if they are entitled to demand bank statements - did I sign up for that?! They know from checking my NI number that I'm not earning!
I also don't want DH to then be passed the responsibility to repay it until I'm earning, that's not fair in my opinion.

Anyone ever been in a similar position?? Or have any advice?
Sorry I was trying to keep this short but clearly failed... thanks if you got this far grin

Spam88 Fri 20-Jan-17 09:43:38

Haven't been in this situation and I think you'll be on a different loan scheme to mine, but as far as I'm aware your student debt is yours and yours alone. It can't be transferred to your husband or anyone else. I guess they just want to see your bank statements as proof you don't have an income? Seems a bit much but there we go...

MGFM Fri 20-Jan-17 10:11:47

A friend of mine had to do this. They just wanted to know who was supporting her. I guess so they can check she didn't have a sneaky income from somewhere

ChocoChou Fri 20-Jan-17 10:39:21

Thanks for the replies..

I think I'm going to send my (own personal account! bank statement which will show no imcomings/outgoings for quite some time.
DH doesn't want any of his info to be sent over (i.e. joint account) and to be fair he's got a point.. I signed an agreement with SLC before I had even met him- he didn't , he doesn't want to provide anyone with his personal finance details iyswim

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