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debt collectors lost payment

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teynham Sat 24-Feb-07 06:54:35

For long and tedious reasons, I have ended up owing money to a debt collections agency. I sent cash via next day signed for special delivery. They claimed at first not to have got my letter. I sent proof that it had been recieved and signed for. Yesterday I got a text saying that they had got my letter but it had been lost in their office so could I "cancel the cheque and send another" I hadn't told them I sent cash. What should I do? I didn't send a cheque because it states clearly on their documentation that they don't accept them. I sent cash because I thought it would be the quickest and cheapest way of getting the money to them and I thought it would be safe sending it special delivery. It didn't cross my mind that they would lose it. Any ideas, anyone?

yacketyschmackety Sat 24-Feb-07 07:26:32

Hiya, never posted before but I've had some experience of this type of thing.

Ok, I think they're pulling a fast one. It's possible they've lost your letter but it seems strange to me that they know they've got a letter but don't know where it is. I'm inclined to think they're trying it on for more money (this is what they do).

Unfortunately as cash isn't traceable they might say you never sent it and its your word against theirs. My advice would be to write to them and explain you sent cash and ask them to check their records/accounts. Don't phone or text, it's best to keep things properly documented. Send that letter recorded delivery as well. Keep a copy of the letter for yourself.

They will probably phone you when they get your letter. hopefully it will just have been an admin error and all will be ok. If not, ask them to put it in writing that they haven't received cash and tell them you will be looking for legal advice. Don't let them intimidate you, that's their job.

You could look on or for more professional advice.

sorry to go on, hope this helps, which agency is it out of interest?

MascaraOHara Sat 24-Feb-07 07:40:36

Tell them you sent cash and it was signed for by 'x'. That you sent it recorded delivery for that precise reason.. that you suggest they speak to 'x' and that you will get some adive from the CAB, personally I'd call the police and have a chat with them on the phone about it... Debt collectors are often dealing with peopl that are in a vulnerable position and I don't this sort of behaviour should be allowed to slip by... milk it with the police and CAB, tell them you're scared of the consequences etc, you sent cash because they explicitly stated they don't take cheques. I wonder how many other people they've done it too.

tiredemma Sat 24-Feb-07 07:43:52

they are trying it on.

What kind of 'legit' business loses money and then has the cheek to ask for it to be sent again?

ditto what MOH says- contact local police and have a chat.


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