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Different letters for 2 accounts with same bank?????

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archiesmummy Fri 23-Feb-07 22:01:41

I have a current account and used to have a credit card account, both with Lloyds.

Do I send 2 different letters asking for the total of fees (some statements missing)?

Do I pay £10 x 2 ????

Sorry if I'm being dumb

charliecat Fri 23-Feb-07 23:03:21

I have no idea, but look out for a letter saying you will be getting charged an annual £35 if you dont use you LTSB credit card Just read about it on the bbc...

archiesmummy Fri 23-Feb-07 23:38:25

Lyckily I have closed down my credit card account (so I don't spend too much now that I'm a SAHM ), but that sounds very wrong to me..

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