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Am I doing the right thing with my tax (by ignoring it!)

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Stanley38 Wed 18-Jan-17 19:23:04

I earn a basic salary of £90k. Each month I put personal contributions of ~6% into a pension, so this is off the top line and not taxed.

One a year I earn a bonus of around £30-50k. I just let this bonus come in and of course the taxman takes the best part of half of it.

I am taxed appropriately but what I wonder is if I should be doing something smarter with regards to tax (not illegal of course!!!) especially with the bonus.

So for example, I guess I could put it into the pension so it comes off the top line, but at the moment we are trying to pay off the mortgage so actually need the cash in the short to medium term (before retirement anyway!)

Should I be doing anything else or would anyone give me any general advice?

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