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holiday let

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3011152gt Mon 16-Jan-17 11:10:53

Hi there we are thinking of purchasing a new home with 3 holiday cottages, anyone else have a Holiday home and want to share tips?
The holiday lets will be run and managed by myself with partner working full time.

WestmorlandSausage Mon 16-Jan-17 11:27:33

Are they being run as a successful going concern at the moment?

Are you a people person?

Unless there is a repeat client base already built up I strongly suggest letting through a good company to start off with until you have a feel for things.

A facebook page has proved to be far more useful than a website for us, but that may just be because of the type of accommodation we offer.

3011152gt Mon 16-Jan-17 16:09:25

Thanks they are run loosely at the moment because the owner obviously isn't pushing it.
Another possible purchase is a 4 barn unit which has a good income but could be increased and managed better.
Just to decide if the captial investment is worth it.

frenchfancy Mon 16-Jan-17 16:14:15

My tip would be to think carefully about your future. Do you want to be in hospitality? Are you happy doing the menial tasks - cleaning and ironing etc? Are you prepared to share your outside space and be permanently on duty? Are you ready to give up any holiday time during the peak months?

It is a rewarding job but not an easy way to make money.

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