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Could anybody help with a House and Contents Insurance/Divorce issue, please?

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dairyhog Sun 15-Jan-17 09:48:49


I wonder if anybody could provide me with some advice please?

My husband left the family home a year ago and moved into a flat with OW. The divorce proceedings are rumbling on. We had a joint bank account at the time of the split; he retained this because his salary was paid into it and all the direct debits and standing orders were already set up. I gave him my debit card and cheque book, so have no way of accessing that account. I have a sole account and took over payment of some items, eg, electricity etc. My husband continued to pay the other direct debits such as mortgage, council tax, house and contents insurance from the joint account.

Part of the process was that he would pay spousal maintenance at a certain rate and I would take over payment of all the outgoings from my account. No problem with that because I am living in the marital home with the children and it makes things easier.

There were other details to be sorted out and this was being negotiated via solicitor. I am afraid I delayed providing instructions to my solicitor in response to his proposals in early November because I hit a huge low in November/December, became very depressed and couldn't face trying to think about the future. I suppose it was like being paralyzed with fear and I "hid" from it. It certainly wasn't a deliberate "let's wind the bugger up" scenario. However, he became very impatient at the delay - I guess he thinks I was doing it to wind him up - and has cancelled the direct debits and standing orders from the joint account and I will have to take them on from mine. It's faffy to contact all the utilities, but not a problem because I have all the details.

One of the direct debits was for house and contents insurance and I don't have details for this because he arranged it after he left and the old policy came up for renewal. If the direct debit has been cancelled, then I guess the policy will have been too. Getting to the point, is there any problem with me taking out a new house and contents insurance policy in my name but to cover the marital home address? The mortgage is in joint names and I have to assume the cancelled house and contents policy was in his name because I have never received any correspondence about it.

Sorry I have rambled a lot; I just wanted to provide sufficient background information. I'd be most grateful if anybody could point out any potential issues before I start to arrange a policy.

Many thanks.

dairyhog Sun 15-Jan-17 11:09:05

Just realised that I might not have posted this in the best area for traffic. Will also post in Legal in case that's the better option.

Babyroobs Sun 15-Jan-17 15:04:41

Whatever you do please make sure you are covered quickly as H&C insurance is never something you should let lapse. I'm surprised your ex has let this lapse without ensuring you had taken out a new policy as if the house burnt down now you obviously wouldn't be covered . Perhaps it was a policy that he might have paid upfront for the year, could that be a possibility? Either way you need to clarify with him whether it has definitely expired and get alternative sorted immediately in the best interests of you both. He still owns half the house, it would be very foolish of him if he has left your biggest asset uninsured.

SundaySal3 Sun 15-Jan-17 15:34:09

Just buy the insurance in your name for an average house approx £150 or less a year for house and contents insurance

Use some comparison websites

Then you dont have to worry you know it is paid

dairyhog Sun 15-Jan-17 22:05:09

Thanks for the further messages. I did consider just taking out a new policy and leaving him to deal with the consequences of cancelling the direct debit without speaking to the insurers first. However, he would have incurred a charge and although it would have been his own fault, I decided that it was not politic to antagonise him at this stage.

I just emailed him to contact the company to tell them that my name will be on the policy instead of his and to ask them to contact me for my bank details. That way if there is any flak he can deal with it and it can't be construed as my fault. And the cover will continue.

Wish this was all over!

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