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jenk1 Thu 22-Feb-07 14:22:01

We are about to move into a new house, its Housing Association.

The previous tennant left with a lot of debt.
DH has opened one of the letters and apparantly the Bailiffs are coming round this week.

We arent living in the house yet but we do have items of ours in, so, if they call round they can obviously see that its an empty house but am i right in thinking that they can break in?

Ive been intouch with the HA but they have told me to give the letters back to the postman, or put them in the postbox saying no longer at this address, which i have been doing for a couple of weeks but they are still coming, the one that Dh opened today had big red writing saying it was a legal letter.

HA are useless and have washed their hands of it, i dont know anything about bailiffs.
Can anyone advise?

Rhubarb Thu 22-Feb-07 14:23:35

Call them up and explain that you are now living there and they should contact the HA for advice on where the previous tenants are.

Call the HA too as it is part of their problem. Keep copies of all correspondance.

Heavenis Thu 22-Feb-07 14:31:31

Have you got a tenancy agreement from the HA.

I would phone them up and tell them that you will be the new tenant from what ever date it is you move in.

this might help you

jenk1 Thu 22-Feb-07 17:45:41

iphoned the bailiff company up and told them that i was moving in and they could check with the HA if they needed clarification, they said that they had put a stop on the account and that no bailiffs would be calling.

hopefully that will be the end of THAT debt, theres a few more

Eddas Thu 22-Feb-07 22:38:26

Our house was sold to us by someone who has run off and left a load of debt trailing behind them so I sympathise.

I too open the post but legal you shouldn't open other peoples mail. IMO I want to know what could happen as this man's left lots of debt and lots of companies are trying to locate him so why shouldn't I open the letters. I always then reseal them and put them back in postbox as return to sender(this has little effect in my experiance).

What I do is call the company to tell them the man has moved but they always say, well i'll note it but we can't stop sending stuff to that address. They say to keep sending his post back, which i do. We moved in to our house in July so if i were you i'd expect letters for sometime to come.

And if the baliffs to come just explain that you are not the person they are looking for etc etc and you shouldn't have any problems. (my uncle is a bailiff and is a very nice man)

And if i were you i'd keep opening their letters even though you're not supposed to


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