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Work hours/income support

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Feelingconfused86 Mon 09-Jan-17 13:23:30

I found out last week that my paid hours at work have been reduced to 15 which makes me no longer eligible for working tax credit. Without working tax credit I can no longer afford childcare. If I reduce my hours to 8 so childcare is no longer an issue will I be able to claim income support? I appreciate this is not a long term solution and am currently looking for and applying for jobs but in the meantime I'm struggling and not sure what to do.

Lagirafe Mon 09-Jan-17 19:33:24

Assuming you are a lone parent?

I believe there is a £25/week disregard then income support is withdrawn pound for pound on earnings.

You will qualify for the other IS passported benefits e.g. Free school meals, healthy start vouchers.

Rockchick1984 Mon 09-Jan-17 19:59:49

How old are your children, and are you a lone parent?

mollie123 Mon 09-Jan-17 20:03:52

can you not get another small part-time job to make up the hours ?

Feelingconfused86 Mon 09-Jan-17 20:12:31

I am a lone parent. My children are 9 years old and 10 months. I am looking for another job, either small or in addition but there is nothing much around at the moment.

Rockchick1984 Mon 09-Jan-17 20:49:32

Due to the age of your youngest you can lower your hours and claim income support, or you can stop working entirely until your youngest starts school (I believe this may be being lowered to when they turn 3)

Feelingconfused86 Mon 09-Jan-17 21:31:58

Thank you rockchick. That may be my answer for the time being while I am searching for a new job or hours elsewhere to make it up to 16.

user1483617032 Mon 09-Jan-17 23:10:24

do you work weekends? primark usually have a lot of 4 hour contracts in all stores for weekend staff. Always taking on.

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