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Ski holiday insurance

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WelshMoth Sun 08-Jan-17 20:37:50

I'd really appreciate some advice on holiday insurance. I've used a comparison website and registered winter sports. All looking good. One thing I noticed in a few company's I looked at us that the 'end journey provider' isn't covered at all. After a brief Google, I take that as meaning that our accommodation isn't covered.

So, since we have rented privately for the week, does that mean (should we go with one of these company's) and should the apartment burn to the ground/get a flood or gas leak or hit by a meteorite (e.g), that we have no insurance cover?

How should I cover the accommodation side of things? Advice greatly appreciated!

WelshMoth Mon 09-Jan-17 20:27:41


WelshMoth Tue 10-Jan-17 12:47:21


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