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Where can I get financial advice?

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flowers1 Wed 21-Feb-07 12:11:22

DH and I have decided that we need to do a bit of an MOT of our finances, and look at our mortgage, savings, outgoings etc to ensure we are getting the best deal for us. Do you know where we could get free financial advice, or is there no such thing? Are there any good websites that people could recommend? Does anyone have any experiences of using a financial advisor that they would be willing to share? TIA

RTKangaMummy Wed 21-Feb-07 13:05:54

martin lewis is deffo brill

type him into google and you get a monthly email

money saving expert iirc

Hassled Wed 21-Feb-07 13:13:02

We used an Independant Financial Adviser when we were in a right mess - and yes, we did end up re-mortgaging through him, but we were obviously free to go elsewhere. If they're independent then they're getting their cut (from the mortgage lender, not you) and obviously want to sell you a financial product, but you do get impartial advice. We were recommended the IFA through a friend. What was great was that he was completely non-judgemental and at no time acted like we were idiots for being in the state we were - it was well worth it.

RTKangaMummy Wed 21-Feb-07 13:16:27

You can contact an IFA through

here is some help

MoneyBags Wed 21-Feb-07 13:25:15


Like others say - get some appointments with IFAs

There are at least 2 types:

a)Tied - Are effectively 'owned/controlled' by a larger organisation, so they can only recommend products (e.g. mortgages) from a limited range (so IMO avoid these ones!)
b) Truly INDEPENDENT - i.e. can choose from a range of products on the free market

a) will probably be paid from commission on what they sell you
b) may want a fee and/or commission

Most IFAs will give you about 30mins- 1 hour free as a first meeting, and it's worth making an appointment with about 3 to find one you really like and trust. (DH & I met one guy who steadfastly ignored me the whole meeting, just talking to DH, even though I held the majority of our cash/savings. At the end he stood up and said (to DH) 'so how would you like to take this forward?' at which point I stood up, picked up my coat and said, "well I'm afraid WE won't be taking anything forward from here, because in case you hadn't noticed, there are TWO of us in the room, and there's no way you're advising me on MY savings" )

Even if you don't go ahead with any of them, then you will likely have got some free advice!

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