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Please advise me!

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INeedAdvicePlease123 Wed 04-Jan-17 12:48:26

I could really do with some advice before I seek a solicitor.
I was married previously and XH left me in loads of debt so I had a CCJ and defaults (which are luckily all starting to come off my file)

I got together with current H and because of my awful credit rating he bought the house we are currently in in his name only and his name only on mortgage. We got married 6 months after that.

I had sold my house and paid of my debts a couple of months after he bought this house.

My name is still not on the deeds in spite of me having asked repeatedly. I have no security. He says it isn't neccessary as 1) bad credit rating 2) I am now his wife so if he died it's all mine anyway.

His family is toxic and I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.
I have two DC that live with us and DSS that lives with us full time too.

I just want to feel secure in life.

Where would I stand should anything happen?

TeaCakeLiterature Wed 04-Jan-17 12:57:08

It entirely does depend on your husbands will.

If he values your feelings surely he should listen to how you feel though??

One way forward might be to suggest putting your name on the feeds but decide whether it's as joint tenancy or tenants in common - that way depending on which you went for you can each own 50/50 rather than both owning 100%. This is a commonly overlooked issue. But that way it doesn't matter what his will says, you definitely have 50%.

I'd push the issue if you've been clearly your debt. If anything happened to him you'd have a lot of issues trying to sort out mortgage payments, bills etc if your name isn't on anything and that would be a nightmare (I've seen this happen!)

INeedAdvicePlease123 Wed 04-Jan-17 13:03:42

Thanks for the reply Tea

No wills (that I know of!) again this is another issue I have been asking for.

How would we go about put my name on the deeds? He says he'd have to ask the bank (lender of the mortgage) and they'd probably say no.

This is complicated by the fact he is self employed and I work for him.

TeaCakeLiterature Wed 04-Jan-17 13:16:53

I don't know enough to be sure, so I don't want to cause a problem between you...but I don't see why your name can't be added to the property deeds...

You can add names to the deeds so maybe look into that and whether it is feasible or not.

If kids are involved wills should definitely be in place - so important - but you don't have to see each other's.

I can understand your concern - id feel uncomfortable too - but maybe if you talk again about it he may see your side??

asyesowsoshallyereap Fri 06-Jan-17 10:52:50

Google "Right to reside in the Marital Home" - it will direct you to the CAB website which explains how to register your rights so that if the worst comes tothe worst you and the children will still have a roof over your heads.

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