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Family tax, child tax or should I just go for CS?

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Ulysees Wed 21-Feb-07 09:06:24

I've split with dh and am soon to move out (hopefully)
I went to see a lone parent advisor to discuss IS but obviously can't get it as I'm still in the house with dh.
I was intent on getting IS for now and getting a job later when the boys were settled.
Now I'm wondering if I'm better off foregoing IS and HB and just going for maintenance from dh and paying my own rent.
Does anyone have to know if I can claim family tax credit on it's own? Also do you know about child tax? I will be looking this up or going to see LPA again but wondered if anyone could help?

1980cat Wed 21-Feb-07 12:47:06

You can claim Child tax credit if you are not working or getting Income Support. You also don't have to include any payments from you ex as an income as you are not being taxed on them.
If you are speaking the the LPA ask if they can get a fast track claim put through for you, they may not do this if you aren't claiming IS though. Your claim for CTC can start as soon as you and your ex decide that you are no longer a couple so getting it in asap could help, however they may need additional security checks to be done if you are still at the same address so it may take a bit longer to process than the 2 weeks they try and aim for.

Ulysees Wed 21-Feb-07 13:54:12

thanks cat. We're still using the same pots, I'm cooking and washing for him so I don't think I'm entitled to anything?

Now I'm thinking will I be better off getting his maintenance as he's on a good wage and I think I'll be entitled to 20%? then if I do some hairdressing too maybe I can afford a mortgage? I'm up in the air at the moment but also excited. I've been down for so long and now feel as if it's time to get this all sorted.

1980cat Wed 21-Feb-07 18:08:21

Just glad I still have some use for knowing all about tax credits now I've changed job.
It is really up to you if you claim but something to think about is if you were working a few hours as well would be the working tax credits (worth up to about £65 per week) you'd get on top of the child tax (roughly up to £45 for the first child + £35 for any more). You have to work 16 hours and being SE isn't a problem. Also if you get wtc you can get some help with any childcare you pay.

Ulysees Wed 21-Feb-07 20:38:06

cheers cat. I started another thread on lone parents about the recent turn of events. My life is a laugh!!
I can't wait to just be sorted. Have so much stress, not just this but my sis has cancer, one of my best mates major depression and suicidal plus dh has pneumonia and my mother isn't well with really high bp!! Arghhhhh.
And to top it all dh has informed me he has to remortgage the house as he has 26k to find. Plus his work situation is probably going to change, meaning less cash. I knew something was up but he's so bloody secretive. The 26k is for a tax fine and that's just part of it.

Oh someone come and change lives with me please

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