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Are you worth £1?

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expatinscotland Tue 20-Feb-07 21:03:45

Because I was cleaning the cushions on the couch this evening, and I found a quid in change.


It just sort of crept up on me, I must have been losing a penny here and there for ages.

I mean, money's always disappeared out of my purse, but now I know where it went.

I'm well chuffed!

Just thought I'd share.

WideWebWitch Tue 20-Feb-07 21:04:52

I'll have you know I'm worth an awful lot less than that thank you very much!

hana Tue 20-Feb-07 21:04:59

well done expat!!

I was soooo pleased today at the playgroup I took the dds to that teas and coffees had gone down to 50p - I splurged and bought my friend one too!

SparklyGothKat Tue 20-Feb-07 21:05:01

I always find lots of charge down my sofa, because dd1 has a habit of taking my change and then dropping it down the sides

misc Tue 20-Feb-07 21:05:25

he he he we should be happy for her really shouldn't we?

hana Tue 20-Feb-07 21:05:41

are you sure it was a quid and not just 70p?

expatinscotland Tue 20-Feb-07 21:06:05

Is it liquid money, Sparkly, or equity?

Tutter Tue 20-Feb-07 21:06:39


jampot Tue 20-Feb-07 21:06:47

you meanies

expatinscotland Tue 20-Feb-07 21:07:50

I may splurge and ride the bus tomorrow.

Bet the driver would love that if I divested myself of all that change.

Cloudhopper Tue 20-Feb-07 21:08:12

PMSL expat.

Enjoy your good fortune

NadineBaggott Tue 20-Feb-07 21:08:31

agree jampots.

I'm pleased for anyones good fortune.

hana Tue 20-Feb-07 21:08:48

no no no
just run along beside it, it's great exercise for you (saves on gym fees as well)

expatinscotland Tue 20-Feb-07 21:09:07

My tips are to make sure you've got holes in your purse and pockets, buy things that have an uneven price so you'll get lots of pennies and let your couch go to rack and ruin before cleaning it.

MamaG Tue 20-Feb-07 21:09:40


expatinscotland Tue 20-Feb-07 21:09:46

So, then, Nadine, you're going to share your pentipeptides millions w/the masses here?!

Cloudhopper Tue 20-Feb-07 21:10:05

You've inspired me to do the same - I could do with some luck today!

You know that in Sainsbury's they have a machine that will convert your spare change into vouchers or something similar?

expatinscotland Tue 20-Feb-07 21:10:46

Yes, but those machines cost money, Cloud. And see, I watch those pennies!

Better to count it all yourself for free.

MoneyBags Tue 20-Feb-07 21:11:51

<<< drives past (in clapped out, frugal old Volvo actually...) and sprays the lot of you with gutter water >>>

Yah boo to you... am I bovvered?
Do I look bovvered?

tillykins Tue 20-Feb-07 21:12:02

do you get out much expat?

Cloudhopper Tue 20-Feb-07 21:12:02

Well, good on yer expat. That's probably one of the reasons you're sat there with a pound in your pocket and I'm not.

Oati Tue 20-Feb-07 21:12:13

I found 5p under the sofa this morning, but ds2 claimed it.

But the real riches came later -DS2 won £50 on the premium bonds, but I'm having that as I bought them for him

(he is not happy)

expatinscotland Tue 20-Feb-07 21:12:16

See I'll be on the bus so the water will just hit the sides.

Piffle Tue 20-Feb-07 21:15:07

I'm up about 60p today, so I'm glad after all I bothered to do the washing...

expatinscotland Tue 20-Feb-07 21:15:52

I hadn't thought of raiding the dryer, Piffle!

You're a genius.

We're gonna be rich!

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