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Full time student and fall under the new benefit cap

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Louw12345 Thu 29-Dec-16 01:24:35

I have fell under the new benefit cap and have to pay to words my rent. Which is around 700 every 3 monthe out of my student finance. I'm so worried i wont be able to continue with my studies. I'm really unsure what to do I went to uni to better myself and get a career for my children so we won't have to struggle on minimum wage and not it's looking like I might have to. After my ex and I broke up iv done 2 years in college to get me to university and I feel it's all for nothing. I totally understand why the cap is in place I really do but people who want to get out from under the poverty line always seem to get pulled back to it. Sorry my rant I needed to get it off my chest hopefully I might actually sleep for the once time in a month now I have

Oldsu Fri 30-Dec-16 06:21:08

Speak to your student advisor at uni they maybe able to give you advise on benefits and have a look at this link

I didn't go to uni myself (didn't get the chance in the 70s when I left school) but if your student finances are meant to help with housing costs then I suppose its fair that you have to pay at least something towards those costs out of it.

Oldsu Fri 30-Dec-16 06:22:23

sorry advice NOT advise - too early in the morning

lovelearning Fri 30-Dec-16 06:30:20


May I ask what you're studying?

Louw12345 Fri 30-Dec-16 11:29:43

Coz I live in my own house I don't get money for living accommodation from student finance. Iv spoken to the student finance at uni and they can't help.

Louw12345 Fri 30-Dec-16 11:32:32

I'm studying a health care foundation degree, then would like to go on to mental health nursing. I didn't get a place at one of the bigger unis this year as I have 10 years out of education and my work wasn't up to the level they wanted. So instead of taking a year out I contiued with this course.

lovelearning Fri 30-Dec-16 14:26:52

health care foundation degree

Could you go part time with the degree, and find some part time work?

When applying for mental health nursing courses it may help to have some relevant experience.

Louw12345 Fri 30-Dec-16 14:40:18

No the course is full time. I'm a single mum to so I can't do night work. We do a placement next year which I have chosen to do at a mental health home for men with learning difficulties. I'm looking for work from home work which I could do while at home with the kids. But unsure how it all works and if I could get 16 hours work from them.

lovelearning Sat 31-Dec-16 17:55:52

I live in my own house

Consider selling or remortgaging your house to fund your studies.

Alternatively, look for a job in the mental health field. At your present stage, the role of mental health support worker would be ideal. Provided you have support from your employer, the Open University should accept you and allow you to transfer credits. Studying with the Open University would give you flexibility; you'd be able to study part time whilst working. When applying for jobs, make sure you mention your career objective i.e. to become a mental health nurse, and that you need employer support to complete your foundation degree.

Louw12345, good luck.

I wish you and your children a Happy 2017.

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