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homelessness and housing wait times

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user1482079332 Sun 18-Dec-16 16:48:08

hello hoping peeps can offer abit of advise and share their own experience. My relationship broke down and I'm now sofa surfing 36 weeks pregnant, the local council have banded me band b and I have just made my first few bids. They did however advise I will not get anything until the new year. They have also registered me for private renting but this doesn't seem feasible while I'm on just maternity pay, I do not receive any other benefits but have been told I will be entitled to child tax credits, working tax credits and LHA once baby comes along but in interim I don't have money upfront to cover moving costs, agency fees ect and furnish an entire household although I have been told they would provide part of deposit but that's a drop in the ocean. How long did people wait for band b housing? I'm based in north west, my first 5 bids range from position 5 in que to 21. The property where I am in position 5 is a first floor 2bed flat it came up as eligible housing online but the lady at council office said only go for ground floors? I don't know how relevant this is but wouldn't be fussed at a set of stairs at the minute I really can't be picky. Also has anyone stayed in emergency accommodation I don't know how much longer I can keep flitting between relatives, I mentioned this to housing officer and she encouraged me to stick it out as I'm considered technically in employment if I went into emergency it would be at a cost to myself as I don't receive housing benefit

TalkinPeace Mon 19-Dec-16 21:10:02

it totally depends between different boroughs - some have lots of stock, some have none

I moved a chap into the homeless shelter. He really really did not want to but after I'd caught him sleeping in the cemetery I hit the roof and told his kids.

Turned out he really liked it there.
Safe warm room, meals available, free phone lines to make arrangements and support workers to help him move

He's now in appropriate housing. Not what he'd really love but actually right for him

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